Air freight transportation is the fastest and a reliable way for freight delivery to anywhere in the world. Them odern air freight transport enables to deliver bulky freight providing for its maximum safety.

Main advantages of air freight transportation:

- Freight transportation speed.Freight delivery with the help of aviation is most relevant at delivering perishable goods, medicines, valuables;

- Freight safety. At high altitudes above the Earth, the probability of freight thef tre duces to zero. Present-day freight air service has necessary equipment for transportation of fragile goods;

- Reliability. With the help of up-to-date monitoring systems, it is possible to track freight online.

Main disadvantages of air freight transportation:

- High cost as compared to other types of freight transportation;

- Dependence on weather conditions. Flights may be delayed due to bad weather;

- Alongside with the possibility for overcoming geographical barriers,not every population center or region can accommodate an aircraft.

ROAD transportation is one of the most widespread and in-demand types of transportation. “BELSHIP” cooperates only with high-professional partners with many years’ experience in international cargo transportation.

Main advantages of ROAD transportation:

- Efficiency of such type of cargo transportation for not large distances;

- High speed and mobility;

- Possibility for transportation of dangerous goods;

- Possibility for transportation of perishable goods by a refrigerator truck;

- Possibility for continuous cargo control;

- High degree of cargo safety.

Main disadvantages of motor cargo transportation:

- High cost at cargo transportation for long distances;

- Dependence on road conditions;

- Limitations at transportation of oversized cargo.

Groupage cargo is a method of transporting small shipments from different customers in one vehicle. This method of transportation is the most efficient and cost effective while carrying a small shipment of goods.

The main advantages of transportation of Groupage cargo:

- Low cost;

- Possibility of continuous monitoring and tracking of the cargo;

- High safety of the cargo.

The main disadvantages of Groupage cargo:

- Complications or impossibility to transport dangerous cargo;

- Dependence on road conditions;

- High cost, if a light-weight cargo occupies an important volume;

- This type of transportation is not suitable for urgent delivery.

SEA freight transportation is the most popular and widespread type of freight transportation for long distances. Lower cost is the main advantage of SEA freight transportation, as compared to air freight carriage.

Main advantages of SEA freight transportation:

- Possibility to arrange mass interregional and intercontinental transportation;

- Low cost of freight transportation;

- Global reach of freight transportation;

- Possibility to transport any freight types including dangerous goods;

- Practically non-existent limitations on freight volume and weight;

- Possibility to track freight location.

Main disadvantages of SEA freight transportation:

- Low delivery speed;

- High dependence on weather conditions;

- Strict requirements to freight packaging;

- In some cases, overdue delivery dates;

- Limited possibility to deliver freight directly to the consumer; necessity for involvement of additional types of freight transportation.

Container freight transportation is a very convenient type of transportation because all existing containers for transportation have standard dimensions, which facilitates considerably the process of installation on site as well as transfer from one type of transport to another.

Main advantages of container freight transportation:

- Ease in performance of loading and unloading operations;

- Freight safety due to container itself and its security sealing;

- High degree of safety;

- Global reach of freight transportation;

- Easy to calculate load capacity;

- Possible to track freight location.

Main disadvantages of container freight transportation:

- Certain requirements to transport to carry containers;

- Time spent on freight loading and shipment.

Freight transportation by rail has always taken one of the leading positions among all types of freight transportation. Freight transportation by rail combines high reliability and freight safety, possibility to transport freight for long distances; in addition, it has low cost.

Main advantages of RAILWAY freight:

- Providing high freight safety;

-Low cost of freight transportation;

- High load capacity;

- Non-dependence from weather conditions;

- Versatility due to use of various wagon types.

Main disadvantages of RAILWAY freight:

- Absence of the possibility to deliver freight directly to the customer. Necessity for using an additional type of transport;

- Low speed as compared to other types of transportation.

One of the major lines in “BELSHIP” business is oversized and overweight cargo transportation. Such type of freight transportation must be performed using specialized machinery with individual approach applied to transportation of each specific freight; and loading/unloading operations must be performed by highly qualified personnel.

Main advantages of oversized and overweight cargo transportation:

- Possibility to deliver freight along individual routes;

- Promptness and mobility of delivery;

- Continuous control over transportation;

- High safety.

Main disadvantages of oversized and overweight cargo transportation:

- Large labour costs and engagement of significant human resources;

- Obtaining permits and approvals for transportation of specific freight.


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